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Whatever your software development needs are, we will provide you with a solution that fits best

With years of experience in the industry, our team has a wealth of technical expertise in a variety of programming languages and technologies. This expertise allows us to tackle even the most complex software projects with confidence and deliver top-quality results to our clients. In addition, our team has a proven track record of successfully completing projects on time and within budget. Our vast experience and high level of expertise make us the perfect partner for any software development project.

We firmly stand on the set time frame.

Before giving the proposal on any turn key project, we carefully calculate the time needed to meet all the deadlines and provide the perfectly fit “costume” right in time for the occasion. Rest assured we will be doing our best to finishing the work even before the set date!

Maintaining the set cost.

We understand budget constraints and act to stay within the agreed budget. You always know what you are paying for well in advance. Should the scope of work remain unchanged, there will be no additional charges.

Your trust is our biggest asset

We have a proven record and recommendations from leading Israeli Hi-Tech companies that have trusted us to provide them with the best outsourcing services for software development projects.

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How it works

Contact us today to set up an introductory call that will allow us to understand your exact needs and constraints. We will sign an NDA, gather the project’s requirements, and define the best-fitting methodology for the joint work, whether it is a turn-key project, a cooperation based on time & material, or a mix of those. We will then appoint a dedicated project manager and issue a proposal for our services.

1. The NDA

It all starts with signing NDA to protect the confidentiality of your business with full compliance with your confidentiality

2. The assessment

On-site meeting, learning your needs and requirements. Assessing the work scope and defining its targets. 


3. The project manager

Meeting with our technical POC – project manager. Setting up mode of operation, updates and meetings. The work continues Agile or Waterfall methodology, depending on the project.

4. The delivery

Ongoing review meetings in agreed milestones. Full transparency to the work
progress. Maintaining high responsiveness and flexibility as work progresses timely and quality deliveries.

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Got a question or want to request a proposal?
Send us your details or call +(972)-9-9510733

Dedicated and highly motivated

I have been working with Trivium for many years and many projects. Trivium team is always professional, dedicated, highly motivated, and pleasant to work with.
Nahum Don
SW Group leader, Valens

Questions & Answers

It usually takes us a few days to assess the situation and come up with a plan.
Having a great team on our side with vast experience helps us take on the project at various stages of completion.

Both time frame and budget restrictions are crucial for us and it is something that we agree upon well before starting to work.

As a company that is 25 years on the market, our credibility is our biggest asset. We stay firm to our commitments and we are here for a long run. 

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