We provide staff augmentation
of software engineers
perfectly tailored to your needs.

We'd like to consider our work as a fine tailor, making a perfect suit.

Custom-made suits last much longer – just as the teams that we create. On average, our engineers’ tenure is six years, with a minimum turnover rate. We take care of the project for as long as it lasts.

We speed up the hiring process and remove the burden of filtering out irrelevant candidates.

Searching for the best-fitting clothes is time-consuming – so is getting the right people for your team. Save the precious time of your best software engineers so they can continue building your great products! You can rely on our technological expertise – we will interview and select the right engineers suited to your requirements. 

Our pricing is reasonable, on par with the industry, and with no hidden charges.

We won’t change the “textile” or anything else, so you always know what you are paying for well in advance.

Your trust is our biggest asset

We have a proven record and recommendations from leading Israeli Hi-Tech companies that have trusted us to provide them with the best engineering talent for long term projects.

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How it works

It all starts with understanding the technology. We have experts in many fields. With over 25 years of experience on our side we have a really high success rate and our developers work for the same customer for many years.

1. The requirements

We get the requirements from the client. Having accumulated a great deal of experience over the years we have a very clear vision of whom the customer needs and at what level of qualification.

2. The interviews

We then start the tech interviews to match the engineers needed for the project. Opposite to the regular outstaffing companies that look only inside its own database we have the knowledge and freedom to search for the most talented developers.

3. Your approval

Then we present our candidates for the client for final approval. It helps to save a lot of time and efforts of interviewing people that are simply not good enough.

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Got a question or want to request a proposal?
Send us your details or call +(972)-9-9510733

Trivium takes full accountability and commitment

It is rare to come across both a professional and a great company wrapped up in the same package. Trivium is unique supplier that I work with during the last ten years combining execution on time with professionalism and an high technical skills that drives my companies (Lantiq and Comsys) business forward with new initiatives at the OS and drivers fields. Trivium takes full accountability and commitment for the deliverables and within in a swift handoff, achieve tangible challenging goals contributed to Lantiq and Comsys business success.
Yaron Alpert
Senior System Architect, Lantiq

Questions & Answers

Having vast experience and being developers ourselves we understand the needs & level of each technical task.  Over the years we have been trusted by many companies to find them the right team.

Our records show that at least 80% of the developers remain working for the same client for over 8 years. We are proud of our engineers tenure. We are sure to take care of the project for as long as it lasts.

We are an engineering company, so we can expertly interview people to match the customer demand and expected professional level. Full circle hiring process will look simple to you.

We have a clear pricing policy, with all the major spendings agreed in advance. As we hire the team directly we have the full control over the final product cost.

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