RT / Embedded Linux software development experts

Trivium provides multidisciplinary Embedded Linux software development services to the Telecom, Automotive, Semiconductor and Cyber industries.

We are Linux software development experts with vast experience in the following domains: RT/ Embedded linux systems, Networking, IoT, Mobile and Cloud. Trivium provides Security audit service for embedded systems with Linux software components. Security audit and Hardening of Linux components are crucial to attain security by design.

RT / Embedded

  • BSP, Device Drivers
  • Platforms: ARM, MIPS, PPC, x86, DSP
  • Operating systems: Linux embedded, Android, VxWorks, ThreadX, eCos
  • 4/8 bit processors with no OS
  • Platform and OS migrations
  • Busses: SPI, I2C, USB, CAN 

Linux / Android

  • BSP, Device Drivers
  • Migrations: Linux to RTOS and vice versa
  • Android architecture: Framework, JNI, Native space, Kernel
  • Network and IP Stack
  • User space Applications
  • GUI: Android Apps, QT, Java
  • Communications: TCP/IP, GSM, WiMax, WiFi , Bluetooth


  • Low level networking, Ethernet, IP stack
  • Network drivers and applications
  • TCP/IP protocol family
  • Client/Server architecture
  • ARP, STP, DHCP, VLAN, TCP, UDP, HTTP, SNMP and other protocols

Networking management

  • Custom netconf agent implementations on top of netopeer2
  • Custom SNMP and netconf agents for Linux, Windows and VxWorks
  • Net-SNMP library
  • Migrations
  • Custom EMS
  • Integrations with existing NM Systems

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