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Transforming society

Building on the proliferating number of internet connected devices, the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm is rapidly transforming our society and the global economy. IoT is already having a profound impact in multiple sectors, including transport, smart homes, trade, healthcare and industry.

Now, the question is how will you make it work to your advantage?

Unique combination

The Internet of Things is not a single technology. Rather, IoT combines different technologies that in turn, require the use of a diverse set of operating systems, software development languages and frameworks. As part of an IoT solution you can incorporate embedded development, networking, cloud computing, mobile apps, web solutions and even AI and Big Data management. IoT combines all these solutions, empowering you with all the benefits each one brings to the table.

Wide range of expertise

Not anyone can provide effective IoT solutions incorporating diverse technologies. For an effective, dynamic and practical solution, you’ll need experts that have understanding and skill in all relevant areas of this field, which includes:

  • Firstly, the development of non-trivial IoT solutions requires multi-disciplinary expertise in these digital technologies.
  • Secondly, it demands an understanding of how to integrate different components into a unified and sophisticated architecture.

When done correctly, IoT solutions can serve a diverse range of industries, including yours.

Balanced mix of experts

You get effective IoT solutions when you partner with Trivium as your IoT software development company, because of the team that will work on your project:

  • Balanced mix of experts
  • Background in all relevant technology, including IoT software development techniques
  • Trained to deliver on time and on budget
  • Experience working with clients from many different fields and industries

Leading IoT Software Development Company

IoT Software Architecture

Designing a proper IoT Software Architecture is the best way for putting an IoT project on track.

As an experienced IoT software development company, our team comprises world class architects. They are proficient in designing architectures for sophisticated IoT systems, that are:

  • Responsive
  • Scalable
  • Resilient

Trivium leverages industry best practices and architectural blueprints for your benefit.

IoT Software Development

Our IoT development team is focused on optimising outcomes for your project. This is possible thanks to:

  • Our experts’ understanding of IoT development and the different technologies involved.
  • The IoT development team has the ability to combine the relevant technologies in a well-structured manner.
  • Each project’s development is backed by expertise regarding the disciplines as well as their integration, all thanks to years in the industry.
  • We know how to make it relevant to a specific industry.

The Trivium IoT software development track record is proof that you can get the IoT architectures you need, while also enjoying cost efficiency.

IoT Software Maintenance

With Trivium handling your IoT software development, you’ll work with a team that’s experienced in managing complex projects – no matter what you require, we can handle it.

We also value your time and money, so we’ll deliver a cost effective outcome, while sticking to the schedule.

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Why choose Trivium

Dedicated to your business success

We fully understand your daily IoT constraints and challenges since we’ve been developing software for more than 20 years. We’ll make sure you’ll get responsive service, efficient IoT solutions and prompt delivery.

Our advantages

20+ years
of expertise

Our team has over 20 years of expertise in software development and IoT systems.


We have successfully delivered (on time, in budget, in scope) 90+ projects.


We have a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit which already resulted in our own startup spin-offs.


We provide turn key integrated solutions based on advanced technologies that can set you apart from your competitors.

success rate

Our company is proud to claim an unprecedented 100% success rate in the delivery of complex IoT projects.


We fully respect corporate information and trade secrets established in appropriate Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA).

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